Relax and Recharge with Reiki Mindfulness

Reiki Mindfulness Session: 90 minutes. Marylebone, £95.   Harrow, £65.

A one and half hour session combining both Reiki and Mindfulness in our signature therapy. The session begins with mindfulness meditation to allow you to gently move into a deeply relaxed state. This relaxed state helps provide the optimial basis for a full Reiki treatment allowing the natural Reiki energy to be absorbed. The session ends with a slow awakening from the deep state of relaxation leaving you calm, grounded, connected and energised.

Holistic Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Healing: 60 minutes.  Marylebone, £65.  Harrow, £45.

1 hour holistic energy healing session in person at either the Marylebone, London or Harrow, Middlesex clinic.


Distance Reiki Healing: £25

Free initial 15 minute consultation for the first session.

30 minute online Distance Reiki healing session using Zoom.


Reiki Crystal Grid Continuous Healing: £10 per month

Continuous Reiki healing using a crystal grid is a distance technique which allows natural holistic energy to be transmitted to a specific person for a specific intention for a period of 1 calendar month.


Space Clearing & Reiki Energy Grid: From £85 for 3 rooms

This service including assessing the current energy, clearing negative energy and then setting up a multi-dimensional Reiki Energy Grid for a specific intention for a room or space. The intention for each room is discussed in advance with each client. Some examples include rest, knowledge, focus, nourishment, prosperity. This practice can be applied to rooms at your home or your office.

Calming Mindfulness Meditation

In-Person one to one Mindfulness Meditation session: 60 minutes.  Marylebone, £65.  Harrow, £45.

One hour in-person tailored session of one to one mindfulness mediation session available at our Marylebone and Harrow clinics.


Online one to one Mindfulness Meditation: £25 per session

30 minute online tailored one to one mindfulness mediation session via Zoom.


Online one to one Mindfulness Meditation Package: £100 for 5 sessions

Five 30 minute tailored online sessions of one to one mindfulness mediation via Zoom.


Corporate Online Mindfulness Meditation Weekday Package: £120 for a package of 5 sessions for up to 50 attendees per session (only a few time slots remaining)

30 minute online mindfulness meditation session each day, Monday to Friday, via video conferencing.


Bespoke Corporate Mindfulness Packages available on request

Packages can be developed specifically to your needs in terms of duration, time, day and specific objective the organisation may have.  We can help you to build out these specific requirements using our 25 years' experience of working with corporate organisations.