The Benefits of Reiki, Global Research Report

Research into the benefits of Reiki was carried out in 2020 by The Reiki Centre. It is said to be the largest consumer survey looking at Reiki, spanning 68 countries with 1,288 responders.  The research provides an analysis of the benefits of Reiki. 22% of responders came from the UK and the largest number were from the US accounting for 30%.


The Top Benefits of Reiki Summarised


  • 91% of responders agreed that their overall wellbeing had improved
  • 92% of responders said that Reiki brought them more peace in their lives
  • 87% found that it had improved their contentment
  • 84% felt happier overall
  • 86% found that they felt less anxious and worried about things
  • 85% felt less stress with regular reiki sessions
  • 87% reported a reduction in the anger that they felt
  • 84% saw noticeable improvements in their self-love and self-worth

Other benefits of Reiki include a reduction in headaches and migraines (72%), improvement with back problems (71%), improved sleep quality (66%) and improved diet and nutrition (65%).

Top Benefits of Reiki


The results also showed that there is a cumulative positive effect from Reiki that increases with the frequency of sessions and the period of time you have been having Reiki. However, even with only a few sessions more than 8 out of 10 responders saw some noticable benefits from Reiki.

More information about the lifestyle, physical and emotional benefits of Reiki are below.

The Sensations Felt During Reiki

People often ask what they may feel during a Reiki session, the research shows that 87% always feel some sensations, 12% felt sensations during some reiki sessions and 1% haven’t ever felt any sensations. The sensations reported are dominated by 99% feeling heat and 77% having tingling in their body. Other sensations included feeling cold, a pulsing in parts of the body, seeing light or colours, a feeling of pressure in areas, magnetic sensations, and a some physical sensations such as sweats and light headedness.

The Feelings at the End of a Reiki Session

The most common benefits of Reiki experienced at the end of a Reiki session are feeling relaxed, peaceful and calm. Other common feelings noted by the responders included feeling energised, healed, relieved, joyous, refreshed, connected and whole, clear headed, focused and grateful.  Some also reported feeling spiritually enhanced, inspired, safe, free and open, floaty and contented. A few people mentioned feeling emotional after a reiki session.

Benefits of Reiki on General Lifestyle

The overall improvement in wellbeing was reported by 91% of responders, with almost 50% reporting a significant improvement in wellbeing. In addition, the majority reported improvements in sleep quality, diet and nutrition and exercise. Some also noticed reductions in alcohol intake and smoking.

Physical improvements reported after Reiki Sessions

Over 1,000 responders answered the questions about physical improvements. The vast majority reported improvements across all physical measures, and more specifically 80% reported a better resistance to colds and flu, 72% reported a reduced headaches and migraines, 71% fewer back problems and 68% needed to take fewer days off work.

Benefits of Reiki on Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

The research shows that negative mental and emotional states are reduced, while positive mental and emotional states are improved. The graph below shows that over 80% of responders experienced reductions in stress, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration, pessimism, sadness, grief, fears and phobias.

Emotional and Mental Benefits of Reiki

Responders also experienced an increased positive emotion. Over 80% of the responders experienced an improvement in peace, contentment, self-love, happiness, self-worth, and confidence. Also 69% found that their decision making was improved and 68% found themselves to be more creative.

Personal Changes from having Reiki


The research shows the holistic benefits of Reiki covering emotional, mental, physical and general lifestyle improvements for the vast majority of the responders.

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Further information about the research

Reiki Mindfulness simply provided this summary of the research report written by Elaine Hamilton Grundy of The Reiki Centre (full report here).

Reiki is a complementary therapy that may provide benefits and should be in conjunction any medical treatments that you are receiving. Always take advice from qualified medical professionals about any health or medical conditions and never avoid, delay, or disregard their treatment or advice.

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