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Ameet is a Reiki Master Teacher, and an experienced Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner. He practices from wellbeing clinics in Marylebone, London and Harrow, Middlesex and is also available for distance Reiki healing and mindfulness meditation sessions online.

Ameet comes from a lineage of healers. His Grandmother's hands-on healing helped many family and friends. His Grandfather was the chairman of the Nairobi Theology and Philosophy Society and a master at Integrated Yoga and Meditation. His father, a western medical doctor and acupuncturist, started Ameet on the path of meditation at 6 years old.

Over the decades Ameet's journey into the power of natural healing and spirituality has taken him to Cambodia, India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. He has explored various natural holistic healing techniques rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism including energy healing through Reiki, Mindfulness Meditation and sound and vibration based healing from ancient mantra chanting and more recent Binaural Beats. Ameet has also been through the process of Medicine Buddha attunement.

In order to bring his best possible self to you he has a daily practice of Reiki self-healing and meditation and maintains a pure energy flow by not consuming any meat, alcohol, drugs or caffeine. He only eats unprocessed food on the days he provides Reiki.

Ameet has been fully trained in The Usui Method of Reiki and has a direct lineage from master to master that goes back to Mikao Usui himself. Ameet is a fully certified Reiki Master and Teacher and is registered with The Reiki Association.

Ameet completed various courses in Mindfulness Mediation including MBCT, MBSR and Kindness Behaviour Training. His approach to Mindfulness Mediation is based on compassion to self and others.

Ameet always wishes to provide the best possible reiki and mindfulness experiences to his clients. In order to do so he limits the number of sessions to a maximum of 20 per week, with no more than 5 in one day. This allows the time and space for Ameet to bring his best possible self to each and every session for each of his clients.

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Reiki Master & Teacher Mindfulness Practitioner

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Ameet Certified member of The Reiki Association
Ameet Member of Reiki Council