Reiki Courses

Reiki Courses For All Levels

All our courses are in-person with a detailed course guide and a personalised certificate of completion are provided at the end of the course. To book one of our courses simply contact us by clicking here.

Reiki Level 1 Course: Ideal for Beginners

In the Reiki Level 1 course you will be attuned and taught how to cleanse your Aura, ground yourself and how to provide Reiki to yourself, family and friends.

The Course is delivered in a few formats to suit your needs

  • An intensive 4 hour one to one course
  • A 6 hour course for you and a friend
  • An 8 hour group course

The one to one courses and “you and a friend” courses are available on request on weekdays and weekends.

In the group courses we always limit the number of attendees to a maximum of 10 people to ensure the highest quality of teaching and attunement. The group course, like all our courses allow the practice to take place on a therapy couch as well as a chair so that those learning experience the hand positions in different ways.

The next group course is on Saturday 6th July at the Light Centre in Monument, London. Please contact us to book.

Reiki Level 1 course fees are as follows:

  • One to one, 4 hour course: Marylebone or Monument fee £380, Harrow fee £320
  • You and friend, 6 hour course: Marylebone or Monument fee £290 per person, Harrow fee £260 per person
  • Group, 8 hour course: In Monument, London £160 per person

For more detailed information about our Reiki Level 1 courses please click here


Reiki Level 2 Course

In the Reiki Level 2 course you will be attuned to be able to use 3 key Reiki symbols as well as how to use them in reiki sessions for yourself and others. During the class you’ll also be taken through the process of distance reiki healing and multiple healing.

Next group course is on Sunday 14th April 2024 at the Light Centre Monument, one space remaining, please contact us to book

Reiki Level 2 course fees are as follows:

  • One to one, 4 hour course: Marylebone or Monument fee £390, Harrow fee £330
  • You and friend, 6 hour course: Marylebone or Monument fee £300 per person, Harrow fee £270 per person
  • Group course (max of 10 people), 8 hour course: In Monument London £170 per person

For more detailed information about our Reiki Level 2 courses please click here


Reiki Level 3 (Master Teacher)

The Reiki Level 3 course is taught over 3 days and covers both Master level and Teacher level.

During this course you will learn a number of in-depth techniques such as Energy Surgery, clearing energy in spaces, setting up a multi-dimensional Reiki grid and programming crystals as well as attunement and practice with the Master level Reiki Symbols. You will also learn how to attune others at all levels, reattune yourself and teach reiki to others.

For more information about fees and dates for the Master Teacher Level courses please contact us.


Student Reviews for Reiki Courses

Imogen, February 2024

Ameet is an amazing teacher, very patient and encouraging and informative. I’m very grateful to have done my level 1 training with him!

(Imogen will be completing Reiki Level 2 in April)


Danica, June 2023

I recently completed Shoden Reiki Level One with Ameet and it was a perfect experience.

Ameet is a truly gifted teacher and spiritual mentor and I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone who feels the calling to learn reiki.
He is compassionate and attentive and imparts seemingly infinite wisdom in such a seamless and effortless way, and the one on one format is really special as it really allows him to hold a very gentle space for you as you learn.
I felt everything I needed was taken care of during the course with a perfect balance of theory and practical components and best yet is the continued warm support and guidance outside of the course as you find your feet in self practice.

My journey of first receiving reiki from Ameet to then learning from him has changed my life in such a profound way that I will forever be grateful.
If you’re looking to start your own journey, then just know that you have found Ameet for a reason.

(Danica went on to complete her Reiki Master training with Reiki Mindfulness in April 2024)


Liz, May 2023

I have just completed Reiki Level 1 with Ameet.
It was a wonderful course, very interesting with lots of incredible info along with the ‘practical’ side of learning how you give Reiki to yourself and others.  Ameet takes you through everything with clear instruction at a gentle pace. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with him and recommend anyone to try if you have any curiosity or ‘pull’ towards learning about Reiki.

Marc, May 2023

Great Reiki session and Level 1 training with Ameet!

(Marc went on to complete his Reiki Master training with Reiki Mindfulness in January 2024.)


Anu, March 2023

Alongside the reiki healing sessions I decided to complete Reiki Level 1. The session was a good balance of theory and practice. Ameet’s delivery of information makes it interesting and engaging, with so much experience and knowledge to feed from, he was a pleasure to learn from.


Sonum, January 2023

Training with Ameet was a real pleasure- the training was an excellent balance of theoretical understanding and practical exercises. I am now attuned to be able to practice at level one!


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