Here are our most recent reviews from our Reiki and Mindfulness clients.

We are pleased to say that we've received positive feedback from all our clients and 89% have booked a session with us again. (Last updated on 12th August 2021). To read the most up to date reviews view our profile on Google by clicking here.

Reiki Reviews

5 Star Google Review

"Ameet is lovely and I feel relaxed and refreshed after each session! Highly recommend"

Natalie, August 2021


5 Star Google Review

"A subtle and important treatment to support my healing after major surgery - Thank you!"

SC, August 2021


5 Stars Google Review

“Really thorough, professional and helping with my sleep. Definitely recommended. Have had 2 sessions so far, looking forward to my 3rd. Need to fully ground myself.”

Kunali, July 2021


5 Stars Google Review

“ … The experience was out of body. Total peace, relief and serenity. When the session ended I was so relaxed I couldn't move. Lol. Ameet carefully helped me back up. …”

Deepesh, June 2021


5 Stars Google Review

My first time trying Reiki and it was one of the best treatments! I experienced the same kind of deep meditative state as after a Gong class. As a yoga teacher I focus a lot of attention to energy, and my energy was moving so beautifully both during and after. Doing its very best to align and get my body and mind back into balance. Words don't do justice to the experience, so my recommendation is to go and try it yourself! Ameet is not only an amazing Reiki Master but also an amazing human being. …”

Jeanette, June 2021


5 Stars Google Review

“ … From the first minute, I felt I was in a supportive and relaxing environment where I could talk openly. Ameet is a very warm and compassionate character who took the time at the beginning of the session to get to know me and seemed to ask the right questions in order for me (and Ameet) to get the most out of the session. I got into a deep state of relaxation, both physically and mentally, more so than what I expected to happen. Once the Reiki session came to an end, I felt a huge amount of growth, as if my body was now accommodating a bigger space. I left the session feeling energized, relaxed and it boosted my mood and self confidence. I was totally surprised, and taken a back by how I felt after the session which only highlights the powerful level of Ameet's ability to practice Reiki. A hugely rewarding hour!”

Ben, June 2021


5 Stars Google Review

I had been feeling overwhelmed and stressed for weeks before coming along to try what I thought was another thing that wouldn't help. Ameet the practitioner was very welcoming, unassuming and gentle, we spoke briefly before we started treatment, the centre was cool, clean and relaxed really helped me feel comfortable.  I couldn't tell you how much time passed as by the time the session was over I was deeply relaxed, I may have been asleep, the physical sensations were inexplicable but very welcomed.  A week later and I can still feel the benefits of the session, I don’t know what Ameet did, but it was a wonderful experience.

I have bought friends gift vouchers as this little Gem in Marylebone mustn’t stay hidden”

Mo, June 2021


5 Stars Google Review

“I have visited Ameet’s reiki practice twice now and will definitely be returning. He was extremely warm and welcoming. …The sessions have been a seamless combination of mindfulness and reiki. I felt the power of the healing throughout the session and Ameet really helped me to relax and de-stress. My sleep after the sessions has been fantastic. I am already looking forward to returning to what feels like an oasis of tranquillity and an antidote to the chaos and uncertainty of modern life.”

Edward, June 2021


5 Stars Google Review

“I've had a few sessions with reiki mindfulness and highly recommended it! Ameet is very welcoming, calming and professional. He immediately put me at ease, answering any questions. He explained the process and guided me through each step. I wasn't sure before if this would be for me but in just a few sessions I have noticed positive changes in my energy levels and problem areas. I'll be continuing the sessions as part of my on-going self care plan!! Grateful!!

Hetal, June 2021



Mindfulness Reviews


5 star Google Review

“Very knowledgeable practitioner. Adapts sessions to your needs and lifestyle. Definitely recommend!”

Simon, July 2021


5 star Google Review

“Excellent practitioner, highly recommend! Has helped me understand how I can use mindfulness in my day to day. Great practical tips. Thank you!”

Sona, July 2021


5 star Google Review

“Thank you so much … Ameet created a very happy and safe place and left feeling very reassured and relaxed. Ameet was very through with a pre appointment call and a check up on how I was after.”

Jay, July 2021


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