Reiki Level 1 Training Courses

Reiki Level 1 in-person course

Reiki Level 1 course in-person

By the end of this practical hands-on Reiki Level 1 course you will be attuned by Ameet (Reiki Master Teacher) and fully trained to be able to self-heal using Reiki as well as provide Reiki to family and friends.

To find out about the Reiki Level 1 course formats available, and to book a course please scroll to the bottom of this article.

What’s different about the Reiki Level 1 Courses run by Reiki Mindfulness

Every course delivered by Reiki Mindfulness is created to provided the best possible training by ensuring the follows:

  • Course sizes strictly limited: Unlike other course providers our group courses are strictly limited a maximum of 10 people. Individual and 2 person courses are also available.
  • Treatment Couches available to practice: Even in our group Reiki Level 1 courses students have access to 5 treatment couches which is important as Reiki is most often provided to others laying down.
  • Always in-person: This is the best way of teaching Reiki, as Reiki is largely a hand-on practice. It is also the most effective way of attuning students to Reiki (more about this below).
  • Focus on practice and imparting experience: The course is packed full of practical guidance, practice and experience from Ameet (Reiki Master Teacher) who provides Reiki to over 200 people through over 1000 Reiki healing sessions each year. During 2023 Reiki Mindfulness delivered 15 Reiki Level 1 courses.

Reiki Level 1 Group Course Dates

All our group courses are at the beautiful Light Centre in Monument from 10.30am to 6.30pm:

  • Saturday 10th February 2024 – Sold out
  • Saturday 6th July 2024 – Available
  • Saturday 12th October 2024 – Available
  • Sunday 1st December 2024 – Available

What you will learn during the course

Your Reiki Level 1 in-person course will cover the following:

  • What is Reiki?
  • Introduction to the Usui method of natural healing, Reiki
  • The Gokai, 5 key principles of Reiki and how to use them
  • The Chakras: where they are and what they represent
  • How to cleansing your Aura
  • How to Ground yourself
  • Attunement for Level 1 from Ameet (Reiki Master Teacher)
  • Guidelines for a Reiki treatment
  • Hand positions for self-healing including a guided practice
  • Hand positions for treating others seated with a guided practice
  • A guided practice of Hand positions for treating others whilst laying down
  • Chakra Balancing

Throughout the course Ameet will add his experience based learnings and guidance from providing Reiki to hundreds of clients.

Your Individual In-person Reiki Level 1 Attunement

Ameet will provide you with an individual in-person Reiki Level 1 Attunement, during any Reiki course the attunement is the most important part.  An attunement is an energy transmission from teacher to student that tunes the student’s Chakra to Reiki and will ultimately enhance the student’s ability to channel Reiki throughout their life.

Even in group courses Ameet provides each person will their own attunement.

Detailed Illustrated Reiki Level 1 Course Notes Provided

At the end of the course, you will receive a complete Reiki Level 1 manual which will include everything covered in the course, plus more. The additional areas covered in the manual include:

  • History of Usui Reiki (in detail)
  • Treating plants and pets and charging crystals
  • Japanese techniques (The Gassho Meditation, Reiji-Ho)
  • Techniques for Energetic Protection
  • Byosen
  • Recommended Reading
  • Post course support
  • Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) – course highlights

Your own Personalised, Printed Reiki Level 1 Course Certificate

At the end of the course you will receive a personalised printed certificate, signed by Ameet, your Reiki Master Teacher with details of your Reiki lineage going back to Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki.


Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui

Course Aftercare for you from Ameet

After the course you will be able to contact Ameet by phone, message or email with any questions or support you may need in your Reiki practice going forward.

Reiki Level 1 Course formats

Our Reiki Level 1 courses are available as special one-to-one and “you and a friend” (2 person) courses on weekdays and weekends. These are available in 3 locations:

  • Light Centre Monument on Saint Mary on Hill, London EC3R. Only 3 minutes walk from Monument Station.
  • Light Centre Marylebone on Marylebone High Street, London W1U. Only 7 minutes walk from Baker Street Tube Station.
  • The Body Factory on Nibthwaite Road, Harrow HA1. Only 10 minutes walk from Harrow-on-the-Hill Station.

The course is also available as a group of individuals. The group courses are limited to a maximum of only 10 people attending and are at the Light Centre Monument. The group courses are a great way to meet others who are also on their Reiki Journey.

Booking your Course

To book your place on a Reiki Level 1 course simply contact Ameet at Reiki Mindfulness by phone, email or the online enquiry form, all of which can be found by clicking here.

When booking either the one-to-one course or the “you and friend” course we will find a date that works for you in any of the 3 locations (Monument London, Marylebone London or Harrow Middlesex).

All the group courses are at the beautiful Light Centre Monument which is just a 3 min walk from Monument Station in London. The next group course is on Saturday 10th February 2024, places are available now.

Reiki Level 1 Course Fees

Group course at the Light Centre Monument in London: £160 per person. The next available course Saturday 6th July 2024, please contact us to book your place.

One-to-one course: Harrow £320, Marylebone and Monument: £380

You and a friend (2 people): Harrow £260 per person, Marylebone and Monument: £290 per person

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